Jill + Tom (Villa Belleza)

The first time I met Jill + Tom in person, at their Taylors Falls engagement session, I knew their love story was one I was excited to tell. They met online, and after just a few dates - hit it off right away. Together their relationship grew as they adventured together - falling in love over their mutual love for camping, hiking, and exploring. Their Villa Belleza Winery wedding was the perfect amount of elegance and charm, but still emulated their fun loving and adventurous spirits. I’ll admit I cried behind the camera a few times on their day; whether it was watching their sweet son, Pacey, tear up while making a speech about how happy he was that they were married, or seeing Jill turn to Pacey during the vows and vow to him as well to love him Forever, as she loved Tom. So many sweet moments as these three officially became a family. It was an extra special wedding as their last names were Scherer (no relation, but still fun - clearly they are our people!) After shooting their stunning wedding, Chris and I have decided if we ever venture out to Lake Pepin for a date weekend, Villa Belleza will definitely be on our must visit list! Check it out!