Danie + Lars (New Hope Cinema)

I first met Danie several years ago, when she was the videographer for one of our very first weddings. Videographers + photographers work very closely together on a wedding day - so its always a bonus when you meet someone you love working with! She was so fun and kind, and we became friends right away, as we both dreamed for bigger things and making weddings our full time gigs. When Danie and Lars got engaged shortly after that, she reached out to us right away. Seeing Danie + Lars together, makes me believe in real, raw, goofy, love again - that real good stuff. They truly are the peanut butter to each others jelly. Getting to know them TOGETHER has been such a joy - watching them laugh together, dance together, a be silly. Their relationship is light hearted and fun - but also rooted in a deep abundant love and trust. On their wedding day, they did several elegant subtle tips to “Beauty + the Beast” - so the Disney lover in me geeked out a bit. They even surprised their guests with a ballroom number for their first dance (and a flash mob!) SO FUN! We are honored to have been a part of telling this chapter in their love story. Check it out :)

Jenessa Scherer